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mofisu thumbnail
mofisu so far the best EP i ever listen this year this is art especially if you have an excellent speakers like the one i have it would become the ultimate experience , i cant stop repeat listing to this work its so addictive , the emotion in hymn against the pain in his screaming with the drums great job with the amazing guitarist what i can say well done .... Favorite track: ИРМОС IV / IRMOS IV.
James Jameson
James Jameson thumbnail
James Jameson I'm glad I ignored the internet noise surrounding this band.

This album is amazing! Don't sleep on this. Favorite track: ИРМОС III / IRMOS III.
Matthi Willows
Matthi Willows thumbnail
Matthi Willows Way better than the whole Hospodi album Favorite track: ИРМОС V / IRMOS V.
adam2aces thumbnail
adam2aces God said let there be light and he saw that it was good. He didn't know it was good until he saw it? Is his natural state darkness? Does anyone really think about these concepts they are being sold on? What kind of omnipotent benevolent God sits idle in the face of every major tragedy on Earth. These are the hallmarks of impotence! If idle hands are the devils work shop and God is idle then what does that make God? I will not ask the creator of hell for forgiveness! -Amen
Craig Willers (DJ Du Nord)
Craig Willers (DJ Du Nord) thumbnail
Craig Willers (DJ Du Nord) As an Orthodox Xian and lover of extreme and dark music and culture, I absolutely treasure this band. Long live Batushka !!! Favorite track: ИРМОС V / IRMOS V.
SouthernWolf thumbnail
SouthernWolf I'm fatigued by the Batushka feud, by the legions of Batushka trolls. I just want killer black metal now, and this record? It more than deserves a fair shake. A stronger, more cohesive direction than Hospodi, and immensely passionate, emotional, and exhilarating. Ignore the internet noise for a moment and give this iteration of Batushka a shot.
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released August 7, 2020


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